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KMZ Izhora-Metal JSC is a leading Russian enterprise, the history of which begins with the Admiralty Izhora factories, founded by the decree of Peter I. The company specializes in the production of steel forgings and blanks for key industries. Forgings are produced by press forging, open-die and closed-die forging processes. Rough and final machining, final heat treatment, destructive and non-destructive testing are carried out. Forgings manufacture services using customers’ metal are also provided. The production facility is located in the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg and has an advantageous location in a place with developed transport and industrial infrastructure.

Обращение директора


Production sites

Кузнечно-прессовое производство

Forging shop

Термообрабатывающее производство

Heat treatment shop

Механообрабатывающее производство

Machine shop

Исследования и испытания

Product testing