кмз 9
кмз 9



The activity of "KMZ "Izhora-Metal", JSC is aimed at the production of steel forgings and blanks for key industries of the Russian Federation as well as exporting.

The main consumers are enterprises engaged in the production of parts for

  • military-industrial complex
  • nuclear power engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • petrochemical industry
  • gas distribution and gas processing industry
  • power engineering industry
  • mining industry
  • automotive industry
We specialize in the production of press- and drop-forged forgings from the following metallic materials:
  • alloy steel
  • tool steel
  • corrosion resistant steel
  • heat-resistant steel
  • "АБ', "АК"-steel
  • titanium- and copper-based alloys

as well as forgings, produced by hot closed die forging. We also provide the service of finished product manufacture using the customers’ metal.

We manufacture and supply forgings and blanks with

  • final heat treatment
  • mechanical tests carried out
  • destructive and non-destructive testing carried out
  • rough and final machining

As part of the import substitution industrialization, the company is actively engaged in developing and manufacturing competitive "new generation"-blanks.