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кмз 9



The main goal of "Izhora-Metall" KMZ is a long-term commercial success of the enterprise, which will ensure fair satisfaction of all interested parties: consumers, suppliers, employees and the "Enterprise". To achieve this goal, we base the work and performance of each employee adhering to the principle "Responsibility and quality is in everything we do."

Strategic goals of KMZ Izhora-Metal JSC in the field of quality:
  • manufacture products and provide services that fully satisfy the requirements of consumers, and follow legislative and regulatory rules
  • increase production efficiency and reduce ineffective costs
  • be the best producer on the global market of medium-sized and small forgings weighing from 8 000 kg to 10 kg, as well as die forgings for the nuclear power plants equipment, power and chemical engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgical industries
Succeeding at these goals is achieved through the following:
  • leadership of managers of all levels, a clear statement of goals, distribution of authority and responsibility
  • establishment of confidential relations between the personnel, in which the main goal is to identify the cause and eliminate the discrepancy, preventing its recurrence
  • quality management in accordance with the requirements of the international and Russian standards GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) and the continuous improvement of the quality management system based on the assessment of the effectiveness of processes
  • use of appropriate production processes
  • provision of necessary resources
  • inclusion of staff in quality assurance procedures to ensure sincere concern of every employee - from the factory worker to the CEO - of their performance quality
  • training and attestation of personnel, use of abilities and leadership potential of employees, as well as constant motivation towards common goals
  • establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial partnerships with consumers and suppliers