кмз 9
кмз 9



The machine shop of JSC "KMZ" Izhora-Metal" specializes in rough machining and finishing of blanks.

Machining is one of the main final stages in the parts manufacturing, giving geometric shape, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.

Machine tools park
Machine tools Maximum billet dimensions, mmMaximum mass of billet, kg
Lathes 4500 8000
Turning-and-boring lathes 2200 10000
Boring-facing machines 1500 5000
Milling machines 1500 1500

Raw materials section

The main operations carried out in the raw materials section are cutting of continuously cast blanks, cutting off the forging defects, etc. Band saws have a high service life and are designed for cutting any type of material, including high-alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, and hard alloys.

Equipment list :
  • Everising Н1300 band saw
  • «MEBAxtreme 800-800» bans saws (MEBA, Germany)
  • «РР 700» bans saws (Czech Republic)
  • Semi automatic band saw «РР 362»
  • Optical emission spectrometer for the chemical composition analysis